Register at the Event

Onsite Regestration starts at the event at 4:30pm

Admission wirstband = $5.00

Drink ticket = $5.00

Food ticket = $5.00

You can use you tickets for many items check out the menu.

See you there!



Startup Lounge

151 Locust




Imlay Investments


Startup Chicks



Venture Atlanta

Become a Gold Event Sponsor

Support the 2012 Startup Spring Fling by becoming an event sponsor.  Your logo will appear on all the materials for the event and we will display a company banner you supply at the event.  Thanks for you support.



Wow, what a great Menu

Thanks Wendy for crafting a great menu of items for the event.



Yes, Foolishness

Yep, we are going to have some fun on the 4th at the Startup Spring Fling.  We just placed an order for some inflatable toys that we can all have some fun with. 

Extreme 80' obstacle course - You’ll be racing your colleagues for drink tickets and cheesy prizes.

Did anyone say “Release the GIANT bouncy house!”   Indeed, they did and here it is for your enjoyment.


Plenty more surprises in store for you and your friends...

Register for the event now.


Greeetings StartupLoungers!  

Greeetings StartupLoungers!  

We have some announcements to share with you on behalf of ourselves and the community.

First, registrations are now open for Atlanta Startup Spring Fling 2012!  It's on May 4th from 4:30 till whenever we feel like stopping.  We have a couple of goals here.  

First, the emphasis is on FUN.  Many events in the Atlanta area are high-stress.  Meet investors.  Pitch your deal.  Receive mentoring.  Find customers.  Try not to get sued.  (We've been there).  We and the other hosts wanted to put on an event where everyone can just show up and have FUN.  

Second, we wanted to have an event that's more open.  So many of the good events are closed - invitation only - and that goes for most StartupLounge events as well.  We wanted to have a good event where most of the big players will show up, but you don't have to go through an NCIS investigation to actually attend the event.

Now, we are charging for the event - $10, but that's a steal for what you're getting - and strictly speaking, we're not charging for access to investors, so our consciences are clean - well at least as clean as they can get.  We're roping off several blocks of Avondale Estates near 151 Locust for our very own use.  It's good to be the, mayor, right Ed?  There's going to be great food and drink, live music and rumors even of a dunking booth!

So, if you just want to hang out in a fun environment with the folks you meet all the time but only in a business setting - if you've found it hard to attend other events, this is your chance to jump in!  Sign up today and come out on May 4th!